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Dog training, obedience classes, puppy socialization, private consultation for behavior management and educational workshops. Private lessons are available in the comfort your home or ours.
Pet Sitting
Have peace of mind knowing your pet is in good hands.
Dog Walking
Your work schedule has changed? You don't have the health, time or availability to take your dog out? You don’t have to sacrifice your dogs health.
Pet Taxi
We can do one-way, round-trip, and even wait there with your dog.

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Do business with Pitou Urbain


Do you wish your dog would listen better? 

Do you feel you've lost control?

Does your dog ignore you when he's distracted? 

Do you wish someone you trust could take care for your pet when you can't be there? 

At Pitou Urbain we care about you and your dog. Improving your relationship with your dog is our goal and that's why we offer customized solutions tailored to your needs.

So if you want...

To learn how to be a better leader


To resolve a behavior problem your dog has:

excessive barking, pulls on leash, jumping on people, aggression toward dogs or people, messy in the house, anxiety etc.


To develop an harmonious relationship with your dog


To ensure all the needs of your pet are met even when you are not there


To bring your dog anywhere & everywhere


You've come to the right place!

Contact-us by Email or Call us today to chat about your dog (514) 467-3956

We offer pet sitting, training and dog education services

Free evaluation

Leaders in Greater Montreal!

Pitou Urbain is a business of canine services providing educational solutions and prevention for the well-being of the dog. 

Our services are customized to your needs and those of your dog. In your home or ours, our services are offered by insured and certified canine behaviorists. 

Our work is structured around a friendly secure approach of canine behavior and taking place within a pleasant atmosphere for you and your dog. We use a variety of known methods, such as positive reinforcement and the clicker.

We have two training facilities for group lessons: one located in Dorval and the other in Ste. Élisabeth, near Joliette. For courses / consulting and other services for home visits, we go to Montreal, Laval, Lanaudiere and the Laurentians. If you're not sure what we can offer you service wise, simply contact us we will be happy to assist you.

Also available at Pitou Urbain

Canicross Rental Equipment "Nahak Sports"

You don't know if canicross is for you
You want to try a different harness, belt or bungee
You are unsure of what you'll need
Why not rent for a fraction of the price!

Available through a partnership with the Nature Animal.

Contact us for more information

BELI Dog Training Vests

These vests are for dogs that need space!

A dog may need space for several reasons:
- Whether training a puppy
- Adult dog rehabilitation
- Health problems or recovering
- A female in heat
- Etc.

Product manufactured in Quebec, CA. by BELI Concept in collaboration with Fidèle Canin

Contact us for more information


100% natural dog treats